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Sania Mirza ‘sets boundaries’ in new cryptic message


Pakistans former cricket star Shoaib Malik and his wife, Indian ace tennis player,Sania Mirza. Instagram
Pakistan’s former cricket star Shoaib Malik and his wife, Indian ace tennis player,Sania Mirza. Instagram

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza caught the attention of her widespread fanbase when she talked about “setting boundaries” amid spiralling rumours about her getting separated from her husband — Pakistan’s former cricket captain Shoaib Malik.

Fans of the star couple are anxiously waiting for them to deny the divorce rumours and reaffirm their bond. However, since November 2022, Sania has been consistently posting cryptic notes that shed some light on her relationship with her spouse.

The cryptic message she posted on Monday on her Instagram story gives her fans a hint that something is amiss. In the midst of the separation rumours which they neither confirmed nor denied, they appeared on their talk show. Their presence with each other cleared the air to a degree.

Sania Mirza sets boundaries in new cryptic message

Moreover, Sania Mirza threw a surprise birthday party for Shoaib Malik. This demonstrated that they are still close and their bond is still intact. Likewise, her message on Monday conveyed a similar message.

“Our boundaries are not judgments of other people. They’re simply a recognition of our own needs,” she said at her social media.

“Just because I set a boundary with someone doesn’t necessarily make their behavior wrong. Sometimes it just means that their behaviour isn’t right for me.”

Her Pakistani husband had earlier declined to discuss his alleged split from Sania. He said, “It is their personal matter” and that neither he nor Sania would ever discuss it in public.

Despite their appearance on their talk show, The Mirza Malik Show, sources say that they are not close with each other, they are simply fulfilling their professional obligations.

The two sports stars tied the nuptial knot in 2010. They have a son named Izhaan who was born in 2018.



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