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Lens coach Franck Haise on defeating PSG: “This victory shows that we can beat everyone in the league, even PSG.”

Franck Haise after beating PSG 3-1 and coaching his hundredth match as a Lens coach has a lot to be happy about. So much so that he broke out in song after defeating the league champions. When asked about the accomplishment he stated, 

“It’s not easy to reach 100 games at the head of a team and it was a magnificent game. As for singing, I’m not really into that kind of thing, but the players have asked me to and it makes me happy to share with the public. We must take advantage of these great moments. We sing a little, it creates memories, and emotions and that’s what will remain in the end. These are the emotions that people will remember years from now.”

Lens now sits only 4 points behind the capital club on the league table. The French coach has taken his team from a club that should be content with being in Ligue 1 to a team that is competing for a league championship. When asked about the success he stated, 

We answered all the problems, apart from the goal conceded, where we stayed too long on a low block. We released the balloons under pressure. Our ball outings were successful, we scored on a placed attack, then on a transition, and on a counter-pressing, so with a lot of variety. We remained engaged but very calm.

The league race is far from over and managing the long schedule is half the battle. One advantage that Racing club has over PSG is that they do not have to manage the Champions League and can focus on the league. Juggling three different competitions may just stretch out PSG enough for Lens to compete for the title. 

We are happy to be four points behind PSG, but above all to have 40 points after 17 matches. When you are ambitious in the game, you can move forward. This victory shows that we can beat everyone in the league, even PSG, and also with style, not because of a game or an accident. Now there are 21 matches left. We have to keep our appetite and our collective strength in all matches regardless of the opponent. Thus, we can travel without setting limits! 

GFFN | Tony DesRois