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“It was super difficult. I did not have the level.” – Get French Football News


Possibly the signing that signified QSI’s takeover of Paris Paris Saint-Germain was Javier Pastore. While no one would say his time with the capital city club was unsuccessful his departure felt incomplete. The Argentinian midfielder spoke with Le Parisien about leaving the club stating, “It was super difficult, yes, because I didn’t want to leave. My heart was telling me: we’re going to stay five years and I’m going to finish my career here…For me, it was the right time, I didn’t want to be stubborn, but it was complicated.”

The midfielder who once lifted supporters out of their seats of the Parc des Princes with his nearly impossible dribbles and passes explained his reason for leaving was more about where he was as a footballer at that time. Stating, “It wasn’t fair. I didn’t think it was fair. I did not have the level of PSG.”

The Argentinian midfielder created special moments with PSG. Including winning the league in what would be the start of PSG’s reign over the Ligue 1 and scoring his first Champions League goal. The midfielder explained, “It was the dream adventure for a football player, playing twelve or fifteen years here, playing with Messi, Mbappé, me training with them, and being able to tell my children about it later. It has been the best gift.”

In the end, Pastore’s legacy is as a PSG player. Not only is Paris the club he made the most appearances for it is also the club where he had the most success. During his time with the club, he scored 45 goals, and 57 assists in 269 games. Based on his comments he is content with his career with the capital club, “In the end, you have to be honest. PSG gave me a lot, at all levels, personal, sporting, and financial. They made sure that I was known all over the world, and become established with the national team. For our relationship to remain intact, I felt that I had to stop there.”

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