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FIFA implementing big changes for agents – Get French Football News


According to L’Équipe, FIFA will reinstate licensing requirements for football agents. The change is set to take place on January 9 just in time for the winter transfer window. This requirement has been abolished since 2015. 

However, there were countries that still had standards to meet to practice as an agent. In France, an aspiring agent must pass an exam and submit an application to the DNCG. However, there were still many loopholes that left clubs and players in less-than-ideal situations during transfers. 

This new regulation was adopted in December in Doha by the FIFA Council. FIFA stated, “The regulation makes it possible to establish minimum standards to regulate the function of agents and the services provided to clients, with in particular the creation of a system for issuing compulsory licenses, the prohibition of multiple representations in order to avoid conflicts of interest or the capping of agents’ commissions.”

FIFA’s statement continued to talk about strengthening the stability and protecting the integrity of the transfer system itself. In doing so they hope to have greater financial transparency. Another change set to take place is that FIFA intends to put a cap on commissions set between 3 and 6% of the annual salary, if the agent represents the player and/or the buying club, and at 10% on transfer fees if he represents the selling club.


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